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PDC with Internet Sharing
dmj1989 Apr-04-01 01:40 PM
I have done internet sharing my Windows2000(A)server with Win98SE(B) and WinNT(C). Win2000 is connected to the cable modem. Question is, Can I make Computer(A) as PDC to work with other computers in my LAN?

1. RE: PDC with Internet Sharing
lbyard Apr-04-01 01:51 PM
In response to message 0
I don't see why not. I have an NT server that is a PDC on my network. One can have a domain and still do peer-to-peer file and printer sharing between workstations on the network. Actually, having a server pretty much eliminates the Browse Master problems encountered in peer-to-peer networks. The server becomes the Browse Master, the computer with the browse list of computers on the network. Larry

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