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DSL Sharing with a hub??
yalcineskiyapan Mar-29-01 00:37 AM
I have a Win98SE and a currently win95 which will be running Linux in the near futute. I have a Verizon's DSL connection with the modem and I have a 4port Hub. Is it possible to network them without using my Win98 as a host with the ICS. Would it be able to keep the same connection with Linux running on one of the machines??


1. RE: DSL Sharing with a hub??
lbyard Mar-29-01 04:28 PM
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Yes, but you would need and IP address from your service provider for each computer. Most service providers will charge a monthly fee for a second IP address. You did not state how the Verizon box is interfaced to your computer... If it is external, it is connected by either a second network adapters or USB. USB MODEMs can be difficult to share.
Linux can implement the Internet sharing function. Other ways of sharing an Internet connection are at http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm.

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