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Is it possible......
JKennedy55 Mar-28-01 02:26 AM
Is it possible if you have a dual boot between linux and a MS OS to have both OS's configured to connect to the internet, so I could access the internet through my Linux partition and also if I am using my windows, I could connect to the net? I would have all the correct drivers for my modem for both linux and Windows and also correct protocols and ISP software installed, do you see any potential problems? Thanks

1. RE: Is it possible......
lbyard Mar-28-01 01:35 PM
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It is possible. There is some discussion of dual-booting in the Windows Forum and our FAQs. Potential problems... Yes, in particular, you may have a steep learning curve. But in the end, and making some assumptions due lack of information about your configuration, everything should work. Larry

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