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Networking using Starband
susano Mar-25-01 02:54 AM
I previously had networked a home office
using a DSL connection. I have had to switch
to another available connection in my area
using Starband (programming provided by Dish
network and the internet connection provided
by Starband).
Starband's website shows how
its done using Winproxy or Zone Alarm. I got
there but after 30 minutes, the client PCs
lost the internet connection and I have not
been able to get it back since. Any ideas?

My setup is as follows:

Host is plugged directly to the Starband box by
way of a USB cord.

Host is also plugged to Netgear 8port hub with a
Linksys USB network adapter between them.

Client PCs are plugged into the hub.
All client PCs use the Linksys USB network adapter
between their USB port and the wall plug.

Winproxy is installed only in the host PC with
its TCP/IP as shown on Starband's website.
Client PCs TCP/IP are set to search for the IP
address automatically.

When I was on DSL, somehow, the adapter kept freezing causing us to reboot each time. Is this
a incompatibility between my router/hub and the

The Starband website that relates to this is:

1. RE: Networking using Starband
lbyard Mar-25-01 06:38 PM
In response to message 0
Are you able to connect to the Internet from the host computer? Open a DOS Window on one of the clients and see if
C:\>ping 192.168.01
finds the host. What does
Produce? See if you can browse from a client.

How do you like the satellite service? Upload speed in the specs seems to be on the slow side as compared to DSL and cable to me. Larry

2. RE: Networking using Starband
susano Mar-28-01 09:06 PM
In response to message 1
Speed is OK not the greatest. However, at
this point I don't have much choice. I will
see what I get with your suggestion. Your
website is great.

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