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Windows NT and @Home Cable
oquinnc Mar-24-01 02:16 AM
I am having difficulty connecting my Windows NT 4.0 machine using my @Home cable modem. @Home requires a "host" "and "domian." The host is series of alpha-numeric characteris such as "ab12345-a" and the domain is an address such as nash1.tn.home.com (for nashville).

I have tried installing the Sygate software, but I ran into problems. Everything was installing ok until it began looking for the Internet connection. It couldn't find one, because there is no where to put this host and domain in.

Has anyone put an NT 4.0 network on @Home Cable service? How? If anyone else uses a cable service that is set up similar, I would like to hear how you have done it.

1. RE: Windows NT and @Home Cable
lbyard Mar-24-01 04:53 PM
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That is done in the DNS tab of the TCP/IP Properties. You may have to disable Sygate’s DHCP server, assign static IP addresses (192.168.01, 192.168.02) to the computers, enable DNS, and specify the DNS servers, but I am not sure that these steps are necessary in your case. A router (e.g., http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/smc/smc7004br/smc7004br.htm) is better than any software solution. Larry

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