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smc cable router
bob669 Mar-24-01 01:20 AM
I recently networked 2 computers with the smc cable router smc7004br. One computer is a 650atholon running wd98se and the other is a pentium 120 running wd98se. They can both see one another but the p120 has trouble accessing the other. It gets very slow loading files and then freezes up a lot. Also trying to access the internet from the p120 takes forever to load a page. Any ideas would be welcome.
Thanks Bob

2. RE: smc cable router
lbyard Mar-24-01 03:54 PM
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Run the diagnostics that came with the network adapter. If you are using a PCI network adapter in old computer, try moving it to another slot. Try swapping cables (or moving computers). Try another port on the router. Please provide more info on the old computer if this doesn't fix it. Larry

4. RE: smc cable router
bob669 Mar-24-01 09:13 PM
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No I am using a straight through patch cable. I hook my latop up to the same cable and it works great.

5. RE: smc cable router
lbyard Mar-24-01 09:19 PM
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Bob, How much memory do have in the clunker? Larry

6. RE: smc cable router
bob669 Mar-25-01 01:38 AM
In response to message 2
Hi Larry. Thanks , originally i swapped out the old nic card for a new one when i couldnt get it working. Then i found out the wall plates were wired wrong. After i fixed the wiring it would work but very sluggish and the sytem would crash a lot. So I swapped the old nic back in and presto its working like a charm.
Thanks Again bob669

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