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Cheap RJ45 crimping tool/kit is OK?
copperpipe Mar-23-01 05:23 AM
I was wondering if it is OK to buy/use those cheap crimping tools. I've used the cheap RJ11(?) for telephone cables without any problem, but was wondering about these RJ45 tools. Any other advice would be appreciated.

I plan to run some network cables to a bedroom or two above the ceiling in the near future.

1. RE: Cheap RJ45 crimping tool/kit is OK?
lbyard Mar-23-01 05:24 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-23-01 AT 05:24 PM (GMT)

My advice is here http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable3.htm. I'm still using the same crimper. I never buy "cheap" tools. Buy a good one, take care of it, and donít lend to your neighbor without having him sign for it in blood, and it will last you a lifetime. Larry

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