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DSL Connection
flashsider Mar-15-01 07:18 PM
I ready your article on the cat 5 and RJ45 connections for teh home network. Would that information work for a DSL connection with a router and a hub. Would you use a straight thru connection with the hub, and a crossover connection if just connecting right to the router. Are the RJ45 connects the same? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

1. RE: DSL Connection
lbyard Mar-15-01 11:43 PM
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Connections from a PC to a Cable and DSL MODEM vary. I would presume that most of them use a straight-thru cable. As far as I know, connections from a PC to a hub or switch (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/hubsw.htm) or to a router with built-in switch are always straight-thru cables. Connections between a router and a cable or DSL box can be either kind of cable. I have two routers here and one uses a straight-thru cable and the other comes with a crossover cable. While I am at it, a network connection with a single cable, directly between two PCs, is down with a crossover cable. Sorry, but with the exception of the PC to hub/switch, there are no hard, fast rules. Suggest downloading the manuals of the equipment from the manufacturer to determine what cables to buy. Larry

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