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Cabling Problem
girlie Mar-12-01 08:26 AM
I've installed 2 network cards and have 1 cross over cable connected to a normal (blue cables used for normal networking) via a connector. i did not have IPs configured. Somehow the 2 computers see themselves and have the entire network icon but they can't find each other on the network (using find computer). I suspected it was the connection because when I moved my computer in the other room and just connect the cross over cable - it worked! The problem is to extend the connection - do I have to get a cross over cable 25 metres long or is there another way to connect the 2 computers together?

1. RE: Cabling Problem
lbyard Mar-12-01 05:32 PM
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Your best bet is a new cable. They are fairly cheap. Larry

2. RE: Cabling Problem
cary_fan Mar-13-01 04:34 AM
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I had a similar problem once, and it ended up that the female-female adaptor I was using to connect the two cables was broken. I would avoid using 2 connected cables. It's better to stick with just one (less to troubleshoot!!!)


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