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Home networking problem
Dshzzzt Mar-04-01 07:10 PM
Ok....A friend just got cable modem internet service from AT&T, and the technician hooked it up W/O using the 10/100 card that was already installed in his computer, but rather an external USB network adapter. At any rate, wanting to network and share the internet in his home with only one other computer, and being unable to use a crossover cable b/c of the distance between the two machines, he decided to purchase a home networking kit by Netgear, including 2 NICs and a hub. After hooking up the equipment, I attempted to set up the network/internet sharing by using ICS in Win98se, and TCP/IP protocols only, assigning the other computer as a client, and the primary machine as a gateway (of course specifying IP addresses for both the client computer and the secondary NIC/gateway computer). This method did not work, and eventually led to me having to spend a great deal of time trying to reach success, including me having to uninstall & reinstall ICS on the gateway comp. several times. After hours of no luck, the client computer finally recognized the gateway (in both Network Neighborhood and with Internet access), with NO specified IP addy, just set to obtain an IP address automatically. The gateway was then able to share the internet w/ the client, but only for about 10-15 min.!! After that, I found that it was necessary to reboot the primary (gateway) computer for the client to have access again. But, it still only works for the 15 min. or so. Then after that, there is NOTHING, no activity in the hub, or even with the cable modem. Could this be due to lower-end specs of the gateway/primary machine (366Mhz 64MB ram 6GB HD)? Or is possible that there are some power-saving features on this machine that are hendering the usage of the USB port? Finally, why is it that assigning client/gateway IP addresses did not work? Thank you very much for any responses...


1. RE: Home networking problem
lbyard Mar-04-01 08:31 PM
In response to message 0
A properly made crossover cable should work at distances up to 100 meters, or the same as the combined distance between two computers connected with a hub and two straight-thru cables. I have made them with lengths of more than 100 feet. To use a static IP address on the client, the ICS DHCP server has to be assigned a range of IP addresses that do not conflict with the clientís IP address. See MS Knowledge Base Article ID: Q230148, How to Change the IP Range for the ICS DHCP Service, at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q230/1/48.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0&qry=dhcp&rnk=16&src=DHCS_MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=W98SE for more info. Without DHCP, you may have to enter manual DNS server IP addresses in the TCP/IP properties of the client. Computer horsepower is probably not causing the dropouts. I would first verify that you do not get the dropouts when ICS is not installed. One uninstalls ICS from the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup.. If it is dropping out without ICS then you have a good excuse for going back to AT&T and asking for a cable MODEM that connects to a network adapter. Hide your existing adapter when they come, or tell them you donít want them to use it. Larry

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