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Networking/DSL Sharing?
wgrant Feb-22-01 08:13 PM
I would like to setup a home network and be able to use my roomy dsl connection. Where do I start?
I've bought a starter kit (linksys)with two nics, a hub, cables, and internet sharing software (Sygate 3.5 version). The computer with the dsl connection is running Win 98 and the client computer will be running Win ME. Will Sygate be compatible? What should I check before I get started? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me here or wgrant2002@yahoo.com (this would be faster).

Wyman Grant

1. RE: Networking/DSL Sharing?
lbyard Feb-22-01 08:51 PM
In response to message 0
You have what you need. A second network adapter (one of the two in the kit) will have to installed in the computer with the DSL connection. Use SyGate; it should work fine. See our networking how to's and the SyGate review for more info. Please come back if you get stuck. Larry

2. RE: Networking/DSL Sharing?
wgrant Feb-22-01 09:18 PM
In response to message 1

Thanks for responding. Could you please send me the link to that "how to" you are talking about? Also, how long will it take me to set up my network?


>You have what you need.
>A second network adapter (one
>of the two in the
>kit) will have to installed
>in the computer with the
>DSL connection. Use SyGate;
>it should work fine. See
>our networking how to's and
>the SyGate review for more
>info. Please come back
>if you get stuck.

3. RE: Networking/DSL Sharing?
lbyard Feb-23-01 02:28 PM
In response to message 2
Click How to on the left menu. How long... It depends on the installer and if everything works as it should. It can be done in less than 20 minutes. Larry

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