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NIC-problems with sharing internetconnection Win95
TBonez! Feb-20-01 10:04 PM
I've 3 computers in a network.
All equiped with 10MBit Realtec (RP-1651W)-NIC's
The compu's are connected to a Target 10MBit 8ports hub... and TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Networking, File & Printersharing installed with IP-range

My 'Internet-PC' is equiped with a second NIC (3Com Etherlink III ISA (3C509B)) and installed with winproxy...

The problem is as follows: I tested the LAN without the 3Com and it worked fine, but as soon as I re-installed the 3Com for the connection to the internet (cablemodem) the internet worked BUT I couldn't ping the other compu's....

Could it be that the 3Com and Realtec are incompatible ?!?

Plz help... :/

1. RE: NIC-problems with sharing internetconnection Win95
lbyard Feb-21-01 03:42 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Feb-21-01 AT 03:44 PM (GMT)

Winproxy may have a DHCP server which is reserving the same IP addresses assigned to your workstations. To verify, try setting your workstations to obtain their IP address automatically. You may have to Start, Run, enter winipcfg and release and renew each of the IP address leases on the workstations. There is probably a way to disable the DHCP server (if it exists). You may have to manually enter DNS server IP addresses in the workstation TC/IP Properties to use static IPs. Larry

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