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Found power line runs tightly with UTP!
leo May-16-00 03:10 PM

When I visit my friend's new office which is renovated in progress, I found that all the power lines running in parallel tightly with UTP cable in their own white color PVC made conduit on the ground. I'm so curious that the power line will produce EMI strongly to UTP Cat5 cable, won't it? If so, will the 10/100 network be unstable in the future?



1. RE: Found power line runs tightly with UTP!
lbyard May-16-00 04:01 PM
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Well, I don't know first hand because I would not do such a thing. But If I did make a mistake like that (on my own system) I would test it and see. If someone else (renovation contractor) made a mistake like that I would make them replace it. Larry

2. power lines running with utp
cat5j May-16-00 04:24 PM
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sounds like another marvelous job by the electrician. first rule....never let a electrician do the work of a telecommunication man! the power should be in its own conduit and at least 6 inches away from any voice or data lines. if you don't have problems now, you will in the future where may not be able to correct it! good luck!!

3. RE: power lines running with utp
leo May-16-00 09:35 PM
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Oh my goodness! I gatta let my friend know about this! Thanks for the help!


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