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Can't share file with Linksys DSL/Cable router
GaryDL Feb-18-01 07:26 PM
I Have two computers connected the the internet via cable modem. I share the one IP address using a Linksysys 4 port DSL/Cable router. I can't however, share files between computers or share the one printer. DOes anyone have any idea how to do this? Do I need additional hardware? I've tried the standard filing sharing changes on network neighborhood but to no avail. Thanks.

1. RE: Can't share file with Linksys DSL/Cable router
danarothrock Feb-19-01 05:26 AM
In response to message 0
Have you assigned "Client for Microsoft Networks" in START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/NETWORK/
CONFIGURATION as Primary Network Logon? (You must then logon to the network at startup) - also, ADD it as a Network Component on the same window? The File and Print Sharing button is there, too. Also, the shared drives must be individually set to SHARE status in My Computer/C_DRIVE/Properties
/Sharing on each machine. If you have Windows ME, you may have to have an internet session up (I'm stuck at this point - see my previous post). The printer driver software may need to be on the clients as well as host (haven't tried this yet).
Good luck!

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