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? acceptable use policy - routers and Mediaone/ATT
wayne2th Feb-17-01 12:35 PM
As a Mediaone cable modem subscriber in the Northeast, does anyone know for sure what their policy is with regard to the use of a router?

1. RE: ? acceptable use policy - routers and Mediaone/ATT
lbyard Feb-17-01 05:22 PM
In response to message 0
MediaOne is now AT&T Broadband (http://www.broadband.att.com/m1index.html).


“Can I hook up more than one computer to my cable modem?
AT&T@Home offers multiple computer access to each of its subscribers. You can purchase up to four additional Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, for a total of five per modem in order to have all your computers online simultaneously.

Beyond the initial IP address provided with the service, each additional IP address costs $4.95 per month. Please note that adding an IP will not give you more e-mail accounts or more WebSpace. AT&T@Home does not support home networks that result from multiple IP addresses.”

I do not see where it says no. Larry

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