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Can I Share a CD writer on home network
nrbsr Feb-15-01 07:40 AM
Not new to computers but a total novice at networking, I studied these pages and this forum for 3 weeks while I waited for my cable modem installation. After they installed the modem I networked my 2 computers to an SMC barricade router and hooked the modem to the router. EEEKS!!! Everything works, modem, file and print sharing, IM, Napster, dial-pad, and a check from a couple of security web sites supposedly show my network as “stealth” and “computer does not exist”.

So now I may be expecting too much but I want to use the HP 9100I CD-RW on computer A (mine) from Computer B (kids). I can copy files from B to a RW cd in A but I want to take it one step further and write and copy CD’s from computer B to the CD writer in computer A. My Adaptec software on computer B fails apparently because it can’t find a compatible CDRW on the local machine (B).

My purpose is to allow the kids to write their music and copy cd’s to my CD writer from their computer. These kids are awful quick with the keyboard and the mouse and I don’t want them on my computer playing with files so I’m hoping there is a way to let computer B recognize the writer in computer A.

Thanks for any suggestions,

1. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
lbyard Feb-15-01 02:37 PM
In response to message 0
Try sharing the CD-RW and mapping it to a drive letter (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/map.htm). You may have uncheck DMA in Start, Setting, Control Panel, System, Device Manger, CD Drives, Select the CD-RW drive, Properties, or something like that. Larry

2. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
nrbsr Feb-15-01 07:34 PM
In response to message 1
I mapped it to a local drive but it's not recognized as a CD rom. Under properties:type: it is listed as "network connection". Neither the HP hardware installation disc nor Adaptec can find a CD drive. I can't find it anywhere in Device Manager. I don't know if it can be done but I think what I want to do is somehow make computer B realize that this particular "network connection" is a CD-Rom...Open to suggestions. Norb

3. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
lbyard Feb-16-01 06:38 PM
In response to message 2
Don't install the drivers on the computer without the CD-RW, just try to use the software and point it to the mapped drive.

How do I select the destination I want to record to.
In the initial view, click Music Destination. If you have previously selected a source, click the icon of the currently selected destination.

The Select Music Destination dialog box appears. Choose one of the following music destination types:
* CD Recorder
* File(s) on hard drive
* Audio “


4. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
nrbsr Feb-17-01 07:19 PM
In response to message 3
I'm beginning to think this can't be done. Using windows explorer I can copy files from computer B to a rewritable cd in the CD recorder in computer A. But, when trying to create a CD or copy a CD in computer B to the recorder in computer A my Adaptec software pops up a message saying that "CD copier could not find any supported CD recorder" and then the program closes. I can't find any way within the Adaptec program to point it towards drive "F" (my CD recorder on computer B). I may have to resign myself to the fact that computer B sees the CD recorder as a "network connection" rather than a CD recorder unless there is a way to define the "network connection" as a CD recorder.
I haven't totaly given up yet if you have any ideas.

5. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
lbyard Feb-19-01 03:40 PM
In response to message 4
My previous post was a quote from Adaptec's web site. Larry

6. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
nrbsr Feb-21-01 07:08 AM
In response to message 5
Problem solved....bought a CD writer for computer B. Now the kids have no excuse to use my computer. I still tend to think it can be done but I reached the end of my frustration limit.

7. RE: Can I Share a CD writer on home network
lbyard Feb-21-01 04:15 PM
In response to message 6
Well, at least you won't be changing CD's for them every two minutes. Larry

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