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Answer: How to network your HP 700 series printer
epster2 Feb-14-01 09:13 PM
To answer my previous question I obtained the answer in another forum. HP didn't count on people trying to network their printers so they added no support for networking with the drivers. And have not yet and will not add any. Isn't that great. Well I still love my 712c but hate the makers for being such idiots.. well enough whining here is the solution to the problem. AND it works WOO HOO!

Written by: Paul Barker
On: January 7 2001 at 6:26 PM
Subject:These steps will allow you to network your printer.

Do the following:
Install the printer drivers on Computer A, then:

Computer A (with printer connected to LPT1)
Start->settings->control panel->networking->file & printer settings ---- set to share printer.

Reboot computer

Computer A Start->settings->printers

Right-click on printer icon ->left-click properties->sharing
Share printer as HPDJ710->OK

Computer B (with network connection)
Start->settings->printers->add new printer
Select any printer (like the HP Laserjet 4) and install it as directed (since this is not a real printer, don't do the test print).

Start->settings->printers->right-click on HPLaserjet 4-> properties->details->add port-> type \\A\HPDJ710->OK

Start->settings->printers->right-click on HPLaserjet 4->properties->details->capture port (choose LPT1 and capture \\A\HPDJ710 as LPT1-> OK

Now install the printer drivers for HPDeskjet 710c on computer B.

The trick to all this is being sure to capture \\A\HPDJ710 as LPT1. This must be done before installing the drivers on computer B.


Paul Barker
Computer Center Director
Hiwassee College

1. RE: Answer: How to network your HP 700 series printer
lbyard Feb-15-01 00:26 AM
In response to message 0
Thanks for the input. I must have spent over an hour trying to find the answer. Larry

2. RE: Answer: How to network your HP 700 series printer
n6qs Sep-05-01 11:32 PM
In response to message 0
Hello Paul,

I was refered to you by Larry on this forum regarding trying to share my HPDJ712C on my home network. Here are copies of my original posts for some history.

I am unable to share my HP Deskjet 712C printer with other computers on my home network.
PC#1 (n6qs1) is the PC with the printer installed on LPT1. The printer is "shared"
per the instruction on this web site and the instruction from my Netgear home networking kit.
The network is working fine. I can share files OK with all three PC's on my network.
I have installed the 712C drivers (from the product CD) in all the PC's on my network. I can share
the printer from PC#2 (n6qs2) no problem, but not from PC#3 (n6qs3).

PC#1 and PC#3 are winME and PC#2 is win98. All the settings are the same on PC#2 and PC#3, but PC#2 prints fine but
PC#3 does not.

I receive the following error messages on PC#3 (n6qs3): (windows) There was an error writing to \\n6qs1\hp (the correct path for
PC#1) for the printer HP Deskjet 710C series...

(HP) The computer has lost communication with the printer...

Again, all settings regarding the printers on PC#2 and PC#3 are indentical, however only PC#2 can print using the network printer on PC#1.

Can you help?

Netgear customer support blew me off on day one. They reffered me to HP. I'm still waiting for a response.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Larus

Hello Larry,

Thanks for your reply to my post.

The document you refered me to was quite helpful. The more I work on sharing my HPDJ712C, the better I get a networking as a whole. However, I am a neophyte at best.

After following the instructions on Paul Barker's post, this is where I stand: The printer will load a page and prepare to print (from PC#3). When the printer goes into the actual print mode, I receive an Win error message on PC#1. The error message refers to "Hpfp13.exe". At this point, my document will not print. When I try to print from PC#1 (the "host"), I receive an HP error message telling me the printer is busy. I must restart PC#1 in order to print again.

Oh well, at least I got the printer to load a page!

My next step is to try and get a hold of Paul Barker and see if he'll let me pick his brian!

I'll let you know when I resolve this issue.

Thanks again,

OK Paul, I was hoping you might be able to help.

Thanks in advance,
Dave kq6ns@gte.net

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