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Cannot Print Through My network
epster2 Feb-14-01 07:58 PM
I recently networked my laptop to my desktop. I have them both going through a hub. My network seems fine I can shre anything on both computers. My problem is that I cannot print from my laptop. I have a HP 712c that is connected to my desktop which prints just fine. But every time I try to print form my laptop I get a communication error. Now I have my desktop configured to share the printer and had my laptop use the HP as the default printer over the network. The drivers load just fine, I even loaded the drivers once from the setup disk that came from the printer. It sees the priinter but cannot communicate with it. Please help. thanks


1. RE: Cannot Print Through My network
lbyard Feb-14-01 11:53 PM
In response to message 0
See if you can turn-off bi-directional printing. Older versions of the HP software allowed that; I understand that newer versions do not. Larry

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