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Any peachtree expert out there ??
MaMister Feb-13-01 03:29 AM
I have a existing computer using peachtree acounting software and I would like to purchase a new computer and setup a network. The question is how can I access the peachtree program from the old pc while I am in the network....any help ??

1. RE: Any peachtree expert out there ??
lbyard Feb-13-01 06:37 PM
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I dropped Peachtree many years ago because of poor support. I couldn't even get good support as one of their resellers… Like all network applications you need to determine the network capabilities of the version of Peachtree that you have. Once you have a version of Peachtree that supports two simultaneous network users or supports one network user at a time running Peachtree, you put (or leave) the company data on one computer, and install the application on both computers. You then point the application on both computers to the data. This information should be in the user manual. Larry

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