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ICS and two Dial-up Adaptors
KeithF Feb-09-01 01:34 AM
Any Idea's as to how I can introduce a second dial-up adaptor into a client ICS Network with a primary Dial-up adaptor on the Server ?

Task Brief:- Network Server and five client workstations. ICS via WIN98SE all stations talking to Server Hosting ISDN T/A. One Client needs to access Internet for Out-of-Hours Security Web-Cam Service via V90 Analogue Dial-Up Service. But needs Network ICS for normal daytime workload.
Sounds straight forward but the TCP/IP Bindings are a nighmare !

(Why do I get all the GOOD Jobs ? or, should it be do you wanna know why I want early retirement...)

1. RE: ICS and two Dial-up Adaptors
lbyard Feb-09-01 07:21 PM
In response to message 0
I wouldn't think this would be anymore difficult than putting a separate dial-up on a computer which is already on a LAN. Just tell the browser, etc. which way to connect. Larry

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