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Cat 5 cable tester
ehmang May-12-00 07:06 PM
I have 18 drops with 2 Cat 5 and 2 coax cables each. I have come across one Cat 5 jack which doesn't work when connected to my hub.

Have you any suggestions for making a simple test system so I have an idea where the problem lies. The bad connection is behind a water bed and not easily accessible for disassembly and checking.

I was thinking of a system with and RJ-45 jack stuck into the suspect jack and some sort of continuity checker in my wiring closet.

I would appreciate any suggestions.
Garry Ehman

1. RE: Cat 5 cable tester
cat5j May-14-00 02:24 PM
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i think the first step is to determine if you have a continuity problem. double check to make sure your termination is correct at the hub end and then use the wire map on the cat 5 tester to make sure all your wires are where there supposed to be. if they are, then check your run to make sure there are no excessive bends or turns or twists. good luck!

2. RE: Cat 5 cable tester
cat5j May-14-00 02:28 PM
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one more thing, maybe the hub port is bad. you can always switch ports on the hub with another device or even use a patch cord and plug something into that port to make sure its working properly.

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