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Can I have it both ways for Printer and File sharing ?
majpooper Feb-05-01 08:53 PM
I have a 3 PC network, an old HP Pavilion Desk top that is acting as the Host and two Dell laptops (Clients). They are all on Win98 SE. I am networking thru a small hub (Netgear).

I am using Sygate for ICS (TCP/IP)it is working great so I do not want to mess my ICS up.

The problem #1 is the CDROM on the HOST has bought the farm. I would like to share the CDROMS from the laptops to the HOST. I guess in this case the Host would become a client for sharing the CDROM ?????

Problem #2 I would like to be able to use the HP inkjet Printer off the HP desktop from the laptops. Hence - sharing the CDROMs one way and the Printer the other.

I might be asking for too much and just need to break down and buy and install a new CDROM.

Problem #3 I tried just sharing the printer but the "How To" instructed to add a seperate TCP/IP IP address but I could not see how/where I could do that.

Sorry this is so long.

1. RE: Can I have it both ways for Printer and File sharing ?
lbyard Feb-05-01 09:35 PM
In response to message 0
You are not asking for too much… You can share the CD-ROM just like a hard disk. I do it. You shouldn't need another instance of a protocol/additional IP address to share printers connected to a PC. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/intro.htm for procedures. The software/network part is the same for more than two PCs. Install the NetBEUI protocol in addition to TCP/IP if dynamic IPs are causing a printer sharing problem, which they shouldn’t. Not as long as some I have posted. Larry

2. RE: Can I have it both ways for Printer and File sharing ?
wspeigh Feb-06-01 01:04 AM
In response to message 1
I have been sharing my Internet connection with three computers (which works great) but the file and print sharing properties don't seem to be working very well. I guess I'd like to be able to use both ICS and File/Print Sharing features of my network.

I've considered hub/patch cable problems but I don't see how that can be since my roommates download megabytes every day at awesome DSL speeds (and I'm the gateway computer).

The hardware on the three machines is two Linksys EtherPCI LAN Card II (for two desktops) and a laptop that uses a PCMCIA Card. The two desktops are visible on the network but the Laptop is not. The Laptop's owner claims that he can file share but, we, the desktop owner's can't.

Do you know of anything that could be causing this problem?

3. RE: Can I have it both ways for Printer and File sharing ?
lbyard Feb-06-01 05:44 AM
In response to message 2
The following requirements must be met to browse the Network Neighborhood/My Network Places (share files and printers):
1. You must have at least one of the NetBIOS protocols installed. The NetBIOS protocols are: NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and TCP/IP. If TCP/IP does not work by itself, go to Start, Setting, Control Panel, Network, select the instance of TCP/IP bound to the network adapter for your local network, Properties, Bindings and be sure the Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing check boxes are checked. They should not be checked for any network adapters used to connect to the Internet.
2. You must login to Windows or the Microsoft Client for Windows.
3. A unique computer name must be specified in Network configuration
4. The workgroup name must be specified in Network configuration and should be the same as the other workstations.
5. File and Print Sharing must be installed to see yourself in Network Neighborhood
If File and Print Sharing is not listed in Network Configuration on other peers/workstations then you will not be able to view that machine in Network Neighborhood.
6. If the above requirements have been met, disable or enable Browse Masters. A computer that is infrequently used should not be a Browse Master. There must be at least one Browse Master.
See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/intro.htm for installation details and for instructions on sharing files and printers. Also, Windows help is useful.

4. RE: Can I have it both ways for Printer and File sharing ?
majpooper Feb-07-01 07:06 AM
In response to message 1
Larry - ThX much - Your instructions were perfct - right by the numbers - everything is up and working on TCP/IP. THX again

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