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Win2000 Professional
Anthony Cattani Jan-31-01 04:11 PM
During setup, Win2000 identifies this hardware as being potentially problematic for Win2000 and suggests upgrading the driver from the manufacturer. Acer.com shows no drivers for the Lan Card (computer has two)
Question: Is this a precautionary warning, or will these devices not work at all with Win2000?

Drivers for:
ACERLAN ALN-320 10/100
Epson Stylus Color 660
ATI all in Wonder Pro


1. RE: Win2000 Professional
lbyard Jan-31-01 06:12 PM
In response to message 0
Try NT drivers if you canít find Win 2K drivers. There should be NT drivers on the floppies that came with the network adapters. Try AOPEN at (http://www.aopen.com.tw/tech/download/network/default.htm) for driver updates. Epson 660 drivers are at http://support.epson.com/hardware/printer/inkjet/sc660_/filelibrary.html.
ATI All in Wonder 2K drivers are at http://support.ati.com/products/pc/rageii/aiw_drivers.html (there may be other drivers for other versions of All in Wonder boards elsewhere on ATIís site). Larry

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