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browser settings/options/preferences
pvprice Jan-29-01 02:06 AM
I have dsl, 5 computers, 2 win98, 2 win95, SMC Barricade router. I didn't have a prob w/ the Win98 computers, but I'm challenged by the Win 95 computers. I have the TC/ip set up & confirmed by pinging to router. One computer has IE 5 & the other Netscape 4.5 or 4.05. I haven't been able to connect to the DSL. Netscape is looking for proxy server setting. Under Netscape, preferences, connections advanced & IE5 Tools, internet options, connections what are the proper browser connection settings. thanks in advance. Phill price

1. RE: browser settings/options/preferences
lbyard Jan-29-01 06:01 PM
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IE: Connections and LAN Setting (command button on the Connections tab) all blanks, nothing selected or specified. Netscape 4.08: Edit, Preferences, Advance, Proxies, select Direct connection to the Internet. Larry

2. RE: browser settings/options/preferences
pvprice Jan-30-01 00:32 AM
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thanks. phill price

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