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Prevent bypass of logon script in Win9x
dfriezen Jan-26-01 03:27 PM
I am slowly converting the company I work for over to Win2k, but in the meantime, I have many computers running Win9x that log on the network. I use a logon script in order to map resources and update the antivirus program. The problem I have is that some users bypass the Logon to Microsoft Network box by clicking cancel. I was wondering if anybody knows how to disable the cancel button and force users to log on in order to user their computers.

1. RE: Prevent bypass of logon script in Win9x
lbyard Jan-26-01 06:24 PM
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Automate it and they won't have the opportunity to cancel it: http://duxcw.com/faq/network/logdomain.htm. Larry

2. RE: Prevent bypass of logon script in Win9x
dfriezen Jan-29-01 10:24 PM
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Thanks for the reply. I thought of doing that but these machines are shared by different people, and these people have access to different resources as determined by their NT username. If I set up a computer to use a particular NT username and control access to the workstation by the Windows password instead of the network password, network security could be compromised. Do you or anybody else out there have any other ideas to try, such as a registry hack or third party software (preferrably freeware:-))?

3. RE: Prevent bypass of logon script in Win9x
lbyard Jan-29-01 11:24 PM
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See Chapter 18 - Logon, Browsing, and Resource Sharing in D:\tools\reskit\help\rk98book.chm where D: is your CD-ROM drive with your Windows 98 CD in it. Just double-click the file. Looks like there are two ways to do it. Id like to know how you did it. Larry

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