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any good routers
robert03 Jan-26-01 03:38 AM
does anyone know of a good router with IP forwarding.
want to share a cable or DSL with local network and also forward requests to my local server.

1. RE: any good routers
lbyard Jan-26-01 08:01 AM
In response to message 0
The SMC Barricade does it:

“Virtual Server enables WWW, FTP and other services on your LAN to be accessible to Internet users. Refer Internet Services for well known ports.
ID Service Port Server IP
1 21
2 80
3 1723
The above example provides 3 type of services: FTP Server (port 21), Web Server (port 80) and VPN Server (port 1723, PPTP).”

You can actually enable ten ports and allow you to specify translated IPs for each one of them. Believe the Linksys unit does it as well, and may do it better. Larry

2. RE: any good routers
Netguy2001 Jan-26-01 08:56 PM
In response to message 1
I just bought the Linksys dsl router V2.0 4 ports 10/100Mbps. It was only $99. @ Best Buy. Man, I saw this same router for $169. earlier everywhere else. That's why I just now bought it.
They had an 8 port for $299. I hope I didnt get ripped off. Everytime I buy something when it goes down in price something else comes along that is better.

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