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WHY ICS works for ONLY a few min and causes LAN stop responding?
chengj May-05-00 09:52 PM
Hi, can someone help me with this?
I have a Surfboard external CM, two Netgear 10/100M NIC in host computer, and one 3com 10/100M NIC in the client computer.
I have installed the ICS following the instruction. The ICS seems to work at the beginning, but I tried to test the speed. IT is even slower than a 56k modem on my client computer. After about five mins of usage on the client computer, I can no longer have internet access anymore from the client, AND my LAN is also stopping responding!! I can't see host computer in the network neighborhood! Can someone tell me why?
After I restart my host computer, I have only another 5 mins of usage on the client again!

Is because two identical netgear NIC cards in host computer?? I have tried to put a Netgear and 3Com card in but it causes problem, I have even tried one netgear one linksys card, and it won't work either. Two netgear cards seem OK, computer doesn't complain.


1. RE: WHY ICS works for ONLY a few min and causes LAN stop responding?
lbyard May-08-00 01:35 PM
In response to message 0
You may have an IRQ conflict between the two network cards in the ICS host. Check to see if there are any exclamation marks by the network adapters in Start>Control Panel>System Manager and run the IRQ conflict troubleshooter if there are. Go into the CMOS Setup and disable all integrated peripherals you aren’t using: COM ports USB and IRQ for USB, etc. Enable OS is PnP aware so the PCI slots can share IRQs.
Try pulling all expansion boards except the display adapter and the network boards… Larry

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