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MSN DSL hates home networking
ewakatake Jan-21-01 09:03 AM
I am a new subscriber to MSN DSL. MSN provided a an Arescom DSL Modem specifically made for MSN (model number was ND860UE-MSN - note the MSN). I bought a Linksys router with a 4 port hub to replace my Netgear ethernet hub (which was used for my Internet Connection Sharing). I called up MSN tech support to get pertinent info (ie. IP address), and they said that they provided Dynamic IP addresses (so no new information given). I completed my hookup and made sure that the router configuration was correct but there was no connection between the router and the modem.

I called Linksys tech support who walked me through several different configurations. Despite getting help from a higher level technician, we were unsuccessful. The technician said that many ISPs frown on home networking and would prefer that their customers pay for a DSL line for each computer that is to get access to the internet (more money for the ISP).

I called up MSN tech support and they said that they do not support networking. I asked if they meant that it was NOT physically possible to attach a network to the DSL modem or that tech support could not provide help with networking. The technician said that he did not know the answer.

Why would I want to use the router? Besides the obvious reason for maximizing my computer investments, SECURITY. The router provides a physical firewall. It is much better than having a software firewall running in the background, taking up RAM and CPU time. According to Microsoft's support website, their advice is to maintain updated antivirus programs and to disable the file sharing feature (Lame suggestions if I may add). Obviously, Microsoft does not care about customer welfare and security.

I am sure that there are other people who have faced this problem. I would appreciate any help in overcoming Microsoft's obstacles to safe and effective computing.

Since my knowledge of networking is very limited (I don't know the significance of subnet masks, DNS, etc) I would appreciate any links to websites with basic information geared for beginners and intermediates. I would not mind any suggestions for books that are not really technical (ie. meant for network adminstrators).

Thanks for reading and for any help given.

1. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
lbyard Jan-21-01 03:02 PM
In response to message 0
Does the DSL MODEM work when it is connected directly to a PC? Start thereÖ The TCP/IP protocol for your network adapter which connects to the MODEM should be set to obtain and IP address automatically (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, Configuration, select the IP/TCP that is bound to the network adapter or just IP/TCP if it is the only one listed, Properties, IP Address, Obtain IP address automatically. Run winipcfg (Start, RunÖ), release the IP address lease and then renew it. Please come back when it is working that way and weíll get the rest of it working. Larry

2. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
ewakatake Jan-22-01 02:08 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the info Larry. Everything was set as you stated but the router does not seem to be talking with the DSL Modem. By the way, the DSL modem works when it is connected directly to the PC. When the modem (IP address is is connected to the computer, the computer gets assigned

In the Router, I have set the WAN setting to "Obtain IP address automatically." I also set the LAN IP address to Still no connection. I also made sure that the DHCP of the router and hub was enabled and set properly.

The problem, I think, still lies between the modem and the router. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

3. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
lbyard Jan-22-01 12:56 PM
In response to message 2
Is the PC getting an IP address from the router when you run winipcfg and release and renew the IP address lease? Larry

4. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
ewakatake Jan-22-01 07:15 PM
In response to message 3
Yes, the PC is getting an IP address when renewing in the winipcfg.

5. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
lbyard Jan-22-01 09:03 PM
In response to message 4
Is the Linksys router/hub is really a BEFSR41 router/4-port switch? If it is the router/hub, it is old. If it is the BEFSR41, please try the other position of the WAN switch on the back of the router. If that doesnít work Ö do you have the latest firmware installed (http://www.linksys.com/download/firmware.asp?dlid=1)? If not, please download it, install it, and configure the router to clone your Ethernet adapterís MAC address. I donít have that router here presently, and do not recall exactly what Linksys calls cloning the MAC address, but I have played with the unit and know the firmware upgrade has that capability and that the older firmware does not. If cloning the MAC address works, it will be the first time Iíve encountered that requirement from a DSL MODEM. My cable MODEM marries itself to my Ethernet adapter and will not work with my router (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/smc/smc7004br/smc7004br.htm) unless the router clones the adapterís MAC address. Larry

6. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
ewakatake Jan-23-01 06:45 AM
In response to message 5
I got the solution from another message board. It is provided by Anthony Leone at Northpoint Communications. By the way, the modem uses PPPoA, not PPPoE.


which arescom do you have? i am assuming the 860U right?
What IP address does the Linksys get from the Arescom?

It can only be
and the mask for that IP should be

That cant be changed, and IIRC, that is the same IP that the Linksys wants to give out.

So try this...

Log disconnect the arescom from the linksys, this might be an ip address conflict. Change the ETHERNET IP address of the Linksys to , then save that config. Then release and renew the ip on your computer. Now see if you can ping the linksys at
If you cant, make sure that your computer has an IP of 192.168.100.x with a gateway of

If you can ping, then you are talking to the linksys.

Now hook up the Arescom to the linksys' WAN port.
Do whatever you need to do to make the linksys get an IP from the arescom.

Now try to ping
If that is successful that means you are pinging to the WAN interface of the linksys.

Now try to ping, now you are pinging to the LAN interface of the AREscom

Now try to goto the internet. If that doesn't work, try pinging which is one of Telocity's DNS servers. If you get a reply it means you are seeing the internet, but DNS is not working.

Yuo can put that address into the Linksys, because that is a valid DNS server and the one that I use. If the Linksys was able to get a DNS server from the arescom, try putting that into your PC.

Well, try that, if that doesnt work, please report back here, i will check it in a little bit.

And please give me full details of what you set stuff too, and what you were able to ping.

I think the problem is the interfaces are getting confused becuase the same ip's are being used on both sides. And if there are two in the same route, all is lost.

SO yeah, change the etherne ip of linksys to whatever you want. 192.168.x.1 change the x to something other then 1


If you want to read more thread go to http://arstechnica.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=50009562&f=469092836&m=609092907

Thanks for your help Larry.

7. RE: MSN DSL hates home networking
lbyard Jan-23-01 07:12 PM
In response to message 6
Good stuff! I should have thought of PPPoE. Thanks for sharing the info so others can be helped. Larry

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