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Internet Connection Sharing for client comp
VitoCognetto Jan-17-01 10:44 PM
I have two computers (both on WIN98 SE)on a home network. I installed ICS on my gateway computer and then loaded the client disk on my client computer. Then when I use my client and try to do something on the internet it just isnt on the internet. I am using a cable modem and when I click status on the ICS icon it says No computers are sharing the internet connection. maybe this means it cant recognize that the gateway IS on the internet? Im not sure, please write back. Thanks.

1. RE: Internet Connection Sharing for client comp
ProtoStar Jan-18-01 04:15 AM
In response to message 0
On your Host computer, give it a static IP
On the client computer, go into the internet options and remove connect through proxy and let it find it automatically. Then go to the TCP/IP properties and add the IP address of the host computer( as the new gateway. Have the client obtain an IP address dynamically.
Hope this helps,

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