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powermac for network
jonesy Jan-17-01 03:26 AM
is a powermac 8.0 from 1997 able to be networked with the new imac 9.0? does 8.0 have a ethernet port for a crossover cable? this ??? is from my wife, she is not sure about the system. It is at her job.Please get back as soon as possible, thanks.  

1. RE: powermac for network
lbyard Jan-17-01 06:30 PM
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I don't have any Macs and haven't networked any in quite a few years. You might find some answers here: http://www.tidbits.com/. Larry

2. RE: powermac for network
Twriter Jan-29-01 03:28 AM
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You should have no problems networking those computers. The networking stuff hasn't changed significantly between OS 8 and OS 9. The only thing that may be different is the network adapter in the older Power Mac may only be capable of 10 MB speed, whereas the iMacs can do 100 MB. However the network adapter of the iMac should auto-sense the slower speed and adapt to it. I know my wife's PowerBook auto-senses and works just fine with 10 MB ethernet devices.

You can use a crossover cable or two normal cables and a hub. Hubs are inexpensive these days and have the advantage of having blinking lights which can help you when troubleshooting the connection.

On both machines use the TCP/IP control panel to set up the configuration. If you need more help, just yell. (twriter@talkcity.com)

Another good source of info is the Computer-Mac forum on TalkCity.

--- Twriter

3. RE: powermac for network
jonesy Jan-29-01 05:28 AM
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thanks, you may be hearing from me.

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