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Trying to Share ADSL between 2 Win98SE Computers
doctor16 Jan-08-01 06:10 PM
I just got ADSL on one of my computers at home.
The modem that it uses connects to the computer through a USB port and not a ethernet card. I would like to share that internet connection with another computer in my house. They both run Win98SE. I just have no idea how to do this, or if there is even a way? Please help.

1. RE: Trying to Share ADSL between 2 Win98SE Computers
lbyard Jan-08-01 10:15 PM
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Our conclusion in previous posts in this Forum was that the solution was to get the ISP to provide a MODEM with an Ethernet interface. If it can be done with a MODEM with a USB interface I would certianly appreciate the details. Larry

2. RE: Trying to Share ADSL between 2 Win98SE Computers
masklin Jan-18-01 01:20 AM
In response to message 1
i have adsl (alacatel usb speedtouch)
and using netgear 4port hub have
3 desktops with win 98.
this leaves one port for laptop (win 95)using greycell 2200 ethernet .
"main" pc has wingate running and apart from usual config/setup
problems all is ok.
if u need more info let me know


3. RE: Trying to Share ADSL between 2 Win98SE Computers
Gonzalez Feb-05-01 07:06 PM
In response to message 1
I successfully did this.

My setup was a single computer with a Speed Touch USB modem, connected to BellSouth Fast Access DSL.

I got another computer, got the D-link network kit (the 910e or something or other, the 100 mps one that includes a 5 port switch) and hooked them together. Got the networking portion up and running (standard Win98SE stuff). Fairly easy.

Once that was working, I tried the built in ICS in Win98SE, but I just couldn't get it to work out right, so I ended up going to www.sygate.com and downloading the "Sygate Home Network" product. It was recommended on this site.

Installation was a breeze, and now everything works perfectly. I am going to be adding a third computer soon. I also downloaded and installed their free (personal use) firewall softare.

I am very happy overall, and once I get the third computer up and running, and the whole shebang working properly, I am going to actually pay for the Sygate program.

4. RE: Trying to Share ADSL between 2 Win98SE Computers
dingdong Feb-12-01 06:54 AM
In response to message 3
I faced the hair-pulling scene as you becos' I also had the same cinfig and net connection using USB ADSL modem but with Win98SE ICS on both PCs, I doubt that it could be able to reflect/detect and share files across each other!

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