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Linksys befsr41 & network
steveNJ Jan-02-01 06:14 PM
Hi,I have 2 computers and installed a Linksys 4 port DSL/Cable router on a Cable modem using @Home and both computers are on the internet work well and I used straight thru cables for all connections and and want to have computer #2 running Win98 print and share files with computer #1 running Win98se which has an non usb HP 820c printer connected to it, do I need to make the cables crossover and if so which cables? what protocals do i need to use and is there a step by step process available for my situation? I used the standard settings on the router so do I need to make any setting changes on the router? any help would be greatly appreciated as i am a novice but a patient person and thanks for this great site I have learned alot. Responses by e-mail are ok

1. RE: Linksys befsr41 & network
lbyard Jan-02-01 07:03 PM
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Use straight-thru cables with the router. Appendix A of the documentation on the Linksys CD shows how to set-up TCP/IP on your computer. You can remove NetBEUI once everything is working with the TCP/IP protocol. You may want to install File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft networks, share disk drives and printers, and map drives/folders. Info on doing that is at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/config.htm (TCP/IP will work in place of NetBEUI and you do not need the dial-up adapter). http://duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/285.html provides info on the @home configuration. Please come back if you need more help. Larry

2. RE: Linksys befsr41 & network
steveNJ Jan-05-01 03:38 PM
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Thanks Larry ill give it a shot and let you know what happened. Steve

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