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Ping question...
Simgauts Dec-31-00 06:33 PM
My network have 2 computers, the host is for ip and I set the client one to . But when I do a ping localhost on the client, he return as ip address ?

So when im on the host and ping, the host "see" the client with a correct response. But when I'm on the client and ping, the client see nothing ?

2. RE: Ping question...
lbyard Dec-31-00 08:10 PM
In response to message 0
I see from a more recent post that you solved your ICS problem… is used for testing the TCP/IP stack (the collection of five layered protocols implementing the TCP/IP suite) with the PING command. If TCP/IP is installed and you “ping localhost”, you should get a response from every time. Likewise, if you ping should get a response from every time. All you are doing is having a computer ping its own stack. A better way to test the client from the client is to ping the client’s own IP address: in your case or previous case. Larry

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