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File Sharing Problem
hunterm Dec-30-00 07:40 PM
We have had two computers using Windows 98 connected to Internet and File Sharing for months and have had no problem. In fact we were sharing files, internet and printer as recently as yesterday but all of a sudden we can no longer share files but both systems work fine on the internet. The only thing I did was turn my computer off and then when it rebooted we have been unable to share files. Any suggestions for a remedy would be greatly appreciated.

1. RE: File Sharing Problem
lbyard Dec-30-00 10:16 PM
In response to message 0
Check your cables for loose connections. Check the network adapter/hub/switch LEDS for solid LINK and and blinking ACTivity. Wait 15 minutes for the computers to reestablish browsing. Be sure both computers are logging in. Larry

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