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PC hangs when attempting to browse network
pgural Dec-27-00 05:19 PM
I have one user in our network of approx 150 users who reports constant problems when attempting to browse the network. Either the PC will hang or it will work properly. This has been a problem for a few years. Restarting the PC will usually resolve the problem, but only temporarily.
We have tried to get to the root of the problem thus far by:
-installing a new cable run directly to the data switch,
-changing the NIC, and
-changing the PC.
Problem still lingers.
User is running Win98 SE on an HP Vectra VL600. Latest NIC is 3COM 3C900B. Network properties include client for MS networks AND client for NetWare networks. TCP and IPX protocols.
PDC runs NT4.0 SP4.

Any thoughts or ideas would be most appreciated. Thank you.

1. RE: PC hangs when attempting to browse network
lbyard Dec-27-00 06:14 PM
In response to message 0
When you changed PC's did you reinstall the software; move any hardware from the new old PC to the new PC? What has not changed; keyboard? What is different about his computer as compared to the other 150? Is the computer totally locked-up or does the three-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) work? Look for radio frequency interference, fluorescent fixtures, copy machines, heavy machinery, space heater, etc. near the PC or cable run. Reroute the cable. Do you have a Novell file server or Novell-dependent software; an accounting package which uses a Betrieve database engine? Larry

2. RE: PC hangs when attempting to browse network
pgural Dec-28-00 08:09 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the tips. I rerouted the cable and the problems have gone away! It turns out that the additional cable run from a month ago followed the same route as the original run. There must some source of interference along the original run.

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