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SyGate vs Win 98 SE ICS
lbyard Apr-28-00 01:44 PM
For the record, I am not running Windows 98 Second Edition Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). I am sharing a Surfboard SB2100D (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Modems/cable/sb2100D.htm) cable MODEM which is attached to my Windows NT file server and using SyGate to share the cable MODEMís IP address. ICS works for a pure Win 9X network, but not on an NT server. ICS will do the job if you want to share a connection to browse and download. ICS has problems with Internet games, conferencing, etc. SyGate is a better product. My review of SyGate is at http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/sygate/sygate.htm. SyGate works on NT and Win 9X and it installs easier in most situations. It is easy to use with static IPs. It costs less than the Win 98 SE Upgrade. It is faster than ICS. It works better in game and conferencing environments. Larry

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