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Transfer files from Win98 to WinMe
hirschinger Dec-18-00 10:26 PM
Is there a way to transfer files from a Win98 machine to a WinME unit using the serial or parallel port? If so, please explain. Thanks

1. RE: Transfer files from Win98 to WinMe
lbyard Dec-19-00 02:40 PM
In response to message 0
Network the computers; connect the hard disk from the 98 machine as a Slave on the Me machine and the hard disk on the Me computer jumpered as a Master with Slave present (I do this often for large transfers); use MS Backup to backup desired files to floppies, zips, or CD-RW and restore to the Me computer; use MS Backup to compress the files, upload to the Internet (X-drive, etc.), download from the Internet and use MS Backup to restore (or use WinZip, power achiever, etc.). Larry

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