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Win 2K client problem processing NT4 Login script ?
BILKO1 Dec-18-00 09:11 PM
On a win NT4 Network, clients use login scripts ok, but if I use a Win 2K client, it doesn't process the login script ! any ideas ? (Tried setting permissions to full access.)

1. RE: Win 2K client problem processing NT4 Login script ?
lbyard Dec-18-00 09:33 PM
In response to message 0
Well, I can't read the tea leaves without the leaves... what does the script have in it? It is possible to specify steps in a login script for specific operating systems. Perhaps all of the steps in your login script are specified for/restricted to clients other than Win 2K??? Larry

2. RE: Win 2K client problem processing NT4 Login script ?
BILKO1 Dec-18-00 10:31 PM
In response to message 1
OK - Lets brew-up !

My profiles point to a batch file in STD netlogon dir called logon.bat
the script only has basic stuff in it, drive mappings using the resource kit utility ifmember..
(also stored in netlogon dir.) and works fine with NT4 clients.
the funny thing is, if I log on as administrator using win2k, it seems OK.
Also, if I process the login script after login has completed, it runs OK ! weird eh.
if I use any other user, it processes the script, but complains about each line, with a process error or something like that.
win2K reports its OS as NT, so I couldn't check for the OS in the script.
I have seen other reoports with apparently the same error, but no replies as yet on any of the boards.!
I use TCP, DNS, WINS, network. nothing else. have you ever seen windows 2k processing login scripts successfully on a NT4 server yet? if so whats your set-up.
Cheers for the fast response..

3. RE: Win 2K client problem processing NT4 Login script ?
lbyard Dec-19-00 03:10 PM
In response to message 2
I have not done it, but plan to setup a Win 2000 test rig soon. I have an NT server. I did an extensive search of Microsoft's Knowledge Base yesterday, but found nothing relevant. Windows2000 Mag (http://www.win2000mag.com/)… If the login script synchronizes time, this may be useful:

‘The timesrv.exe utility from the original Windows NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit doesn't support the Network Time Protocol (NTP) that Win2K systems need. Microsoft has released updates for w32time and timesrv, the tools you need to successfully set up an NT 4.0 system that operates as an official time server. However, the updates are hidden in a most unlikely spot: a folder called Y2kfix at Microsoft’s FTP site. You can download the tools and documentation from ftp.microsoft.com/reskit/y2kfix/x86. Microsoft article Q258059 contains all the information you need to create an NT 4.0 NTP server.’

I would also be sure all service packs are installed. There appears to a few NT/2000 compatibility issues which may have been fixed by them. Larry

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