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network and internet sharing set-up
barnman Dec-16-00 03:06 AM
I have a brand new Dell computer running Windows 98 2nd Edition and a generic pc running Windows 95A.I have a Surfboard 2-way external cable modem (model SB-4100). I have been trying in vane to network and internet share these two pc's and have had no luck. Can you give me step by step instructions on how to set this up. I have an ethernet card installed in each computer(10\100)
1-Linksys Ether16 10BaseT and 1-3Com Etherlink 10/100 PCI in new computer. I also have purchased a Netgear Ethernet Hub ( 4-port), model EN104. My new computer runs fine on the internet and AOL, but the generic PC won't logon to the internet or AOL.
Please help.

1. RE: network and internet sharing set-up
lbyard Dec-16-00 07:33 PM
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How many adapters do you have installed on the generic computer? TCP/IP can be bound to a maximum of four. Larry

2. RE: network and internet sharing set-up
barnman Dec-18-00 02:28 AM
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At this point I am so frustrated that I disconnected the two computers to try and locate the problem. The new computer logs on to Internet Explorer and AOL 5.0 just fine. The old computer will not do either. When I try to logon to I.E., "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" is all that comes up. At the bottom of this page it says, "Cannot Find Server or DNS Error-Internet Explorer".
Also, when I fire up the old computer I get this message- "This DHCP Client was unable to obtain an IP Network Address From A DHCP Server".
All that I am trying to do now is get the old computer to logon to I.E. and AOL like the new one does. The old computer always logged on to both I.E. and AOL just fine.
The new computer runs Windows98 2nd Edition and the old computer runs Windows 95A. If you could please help me get the old computer back on line I think I could carry on with my networking from there. Any help at this point would be appreciated.
Thanks alot,

3. RE: network and internet sharing set-up
lbyard Dec-18-00 04:03 PM
In response to message 2
I donít know how you are trying to connect the old computer to the Internet. It is trying to find a DHCP server through itís network adapter to obtain an IP address so it can become a host on the network/Internet and cannot find a server. There are two DHCP servers in the equation: your ISP and the Windows 98 SE Interconnection Sharing software--if it is installed, you have two network adapters in the ICS host, one in the client, the computers are networked, and the client (old computer) is configured correctly. You have the new computer on the cable and the cable MODEM may now be set to only respond to the Ethernet MAC address of the network adapter in the new computer. Every network adapter has a unique MAC address burned into its hardware. I see the frustration level is very high, so my advice is return the hub and purchase an SMC Barricade (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/smc/smc7004br/smc7004br.htm). It is much less frustrating to install and works better. It costs about $100 and you only need one network adapter in each computer. Larry

4. RE: network and internet sharing set-up
barnman Dec-19-00 01:21 AM
In response to message 3
Hi Larry,
Thanks for responding to my frustration.
What I am doing right now is just trying to see if the old computer is functioning .
Here is what I am doing and you can tell me (PLEASE) why I can't do what I am doing.
I am disconnecting the CAT 5 cable from the new computer(the computer that is functioning) and connecting that cable into my old computer. There are no hubs, or anything involved.Then when I try to logon to the internet it won't do it. That's the part I can't understand. That cable had just connected me on the new computer and now it won't do the same thing on the old one. ICS is not established on the new one.
What do I need to do to just get the old computer to logon? I am trying to hook up the old computer as if it's the only one.
Thanks for your help

5. RE: network and internet sharing set-up
lbyard Dec-19-00 03:31 PM
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For most cable MODEM setups, you would go to the Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel), double-click Network, select the TCP/IP associated with the network adapter, which connects to the cable MODEM, and click Properties. The IP address tab should be set to Obtain IP address automatically. Remove any installed gateways (thatís probably the problem). The DNS may be automatic as well and would be disabled. It may not be automatic, in which case you have to enter the DNS addresses provided by your ISP. After making changes, connect to the cable MODEM, Start, Run, winipcfg, select the network adapter, and release and renew the IP address lease from your ISP. Larry

6. RE: network and internet sharing set-up
barnman Dec-20-00 06:07 AM
In response to message 5
I think what you have told me is exactly what I need to do. Thanks very much for your help. I'll give this a try and let you know how things come out. Happy Holidays Randy

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