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IBM Token Ring adapter and networking problem
pikachu Dec-15-00 06:29 PM
I have two network adapters all IBM Token Ring. I cant see the other computer in network neighbouhood. The network is between two pc`s only. One win95 other 98. I tried a crossover and straight through cable and nothing works. Both have same protocol, client,etc...

Please help

1. RE: IBM Token Ring adapter and networking problem
lbyard Dec-15-00 08:01 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Dec-15-00 AT 08:27 PM (GMT)

RJ45 versions of Token Ring adapters came out around 1998, after I worked on my last token ring network… The pin-out for token ring adapters with RJ45 jacks (see Cabletron’s page on UTP/STP Connectivity for Token Ring at http://www.cabletron.com/support/techtips/tk0382-9.html) is not the same as it is for 100BASET Ethernet adapters (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable1.htm). A crossover cable for the token ring crosses different pairs than one for a 100BASET Ethernet--a 100BASET crossover cable will not work with token ring adapters. I have not made a crossover cable for these adapters, but I understand that one will work if made properly. From Cabletron’s pin-out, token ring adapters use pins 3,4,5,6 of the RJ45 jack and that a crossover cable would connect 3 to 5 and 4 to 6. At one end pins 3 and 6 would be connected to the green pair and 4 and 5 would be on the reversed blue pair, when using the EIA/TIA 568B standard. I stress, as I do for CAT5 Ethernet cables, that pairs of pins (e.g., RX+ and RX-) have to connect with wires in the same pair, not single wires from different pairs. That means wires cross within the RJ45 plug. If it were me, and I could, I would take the token ring adapters back and get some 100BASET Ethernet adapters. 100BASET Ethernet adapters cost about $20 each or less. Furthermore, I believe connecting a third computer would be much more expensive with a token ring network than with a 100BASET Ethernet, but have not checked recent prices. If you make the token ring adapters work with a crossover cable, I would very much appreciate some feedback with details. Larry

2. RE: IBM Token Ring adapter and networking problem
pikachu Dec-16-00 05:54 AM
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Thanx Larry

I`ll research and see if i can do anything. If it works i`ll get back to you.

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