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ICS and Client with 3Com / Microsoft HomeClick & Cable Modem
aranda Apr-23-00 04:54 PM
I have my host working correctly, my client and host can share files and printer, my host can connect to the Internet and can browse via the host. So, the LAN via the phoneline is working.

My client can ping using numbers (such as = yahoo; but not www.yahoo.com). Internet Explorer on client cannot use numbers nor names. In other words, cannot browse from client.

Spent 2 hours with Microsoft Support to no avail.

Any ideas?

1. RE: ICS and Client with 3Com / Microsoft HomeClick & Cable Modem
lbyard Apr-24-00 03:26 PM
In response to message 0
Then your client computer has shared access to the Internet. If it can ping on an IP and not on the host name, than DNS (Dynamic Name Service) is not working. Be sure all check boxes in IE at Tools>Connections>LAN Settings are unchecked. The ICS client install likes to check the Use a proxy server Box, which should not be checked. That may fix all of the problems. If not, be sure DNS is enabled in the TCP/IP Properties on the Client. If it still doesn’t work, try adding your ISP DNS server addresses to the TCP/IP properties. The host name should be the computer name; domain name blank or actual if you have an NT domain. Gateway setting should be, the IP ICS assigns to the host. SyGate installs easier and works better; see http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/sygate/sygate.htm. Larry

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