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Home Network, 3 computers, 8 port hub, cant ICS or Network
gtarman Dec-14-00 06:59 PM
We have three computers we want to network, we have ICS on two, but no network sharing on any, I have tested continuity on the network lines in the walls, perfect continuity, but when we connect the second client we get nothing. However we know it will work because we have connected it straight from the modem and connected to the internet. I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have.

1. RE: Home Network, 3 computers, 8 port hub, cant ICS or Network
lbyard Dec-15-00 03:10 PM
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Read-up on cables at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable1.htm to be sure you are using the right kind. Review the documentation for the network adapters and hub so you know what the LEDs mean and check them to see if everything is working. Run the diagnostics that came on the floppy with the network adapters. The loopback test, which is one of several tests, will fail and is of no concern because you do not have a loopback plug. Remember the KISS principle. Troubleshoot with as few computers (variables) as needed to initially test things, get them working, and then add more. Larry

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