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dpippet Dec-14-00 06:29 PM
Anybody know where I can get the setup program for the EZ-2000 network cards ? I have about 5/6 of these and need to change the settings so that they are all the same !


1. RE: EZ-2000
lbyard Dec-15-00 03:03 PM
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They are NE2000 compatible, Taiwan generics. Im not sure if they are plug n prey or jumpered (or both). Try using the Windows Novell/Anthem NE2000 driver and forcing them from Windows (come back if you don't know how to do this). See http://duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/262.html for more info. Larry

2. RE: EZ-2000
dan Feb-28-01 04:03 AM
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do you still need this. have one that works with ez-2000+/CT nic.

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