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OUTLOOK 2K Sharing Calander
Jupitur Dec-14-00 06:25 PM
How can i share an outlook 2000 calander so any user on the network can view it?

I have been looking, but can't find it.

1. RE: OUTLOOK 2K Sharing Calander
lbyard Dec-15-00 02:51 PM
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Open Outlook 2K, Help, Contents, Using Corporate or Workgroup Features, Using Public Folders. Create a Public Folder that contains Appointment items and then see Working with Items in Public Folder, Share Outlook Items in a Public folder. Larry

2. RE: OUTLOOK 2K Sharing Calander
chiro Dec-19-00 00:34 AM
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Yes you can. I do it at work. It allows me to make appointments for my secretary. No excuses for her not doing something now!

MS knowledge base has information on how to do it.

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