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Trouble networking 3 win98se computers
rjustice Nov-30-00 01:53 AM
I have three computers running win98se, I have them connected through a netgear hub to a cable modem. Two of the comp. can see the other two computers but the third when I open the network neighborhood it just sits there and searches with the flashlight, eventually it will find the other two comp. (10-15 min.s) But then when I click on one or the other it will just show the hourglass until it finally says that the network neighborhood isn't responding. HELP!

1. RE: Trouble networking 3 win98se computers
lbyard Nov-30-00 05:11 PM
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Try swapping cables; swapping hub ports. If you have a dial-up adapter, etc. installed, try uninstalling and reinstalling network components so that the network adapter is listed (above it) in Start, Setting, Control Panel, Network... See "Troubleshooting Windows Network Browse Functions (draft )" posted in this forum yesterday. Larry

2. RE: Trouble networking 3 win98se computers
rjustice Dec-01-00 00:16 AM
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Thanks I'll try that

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