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Troubleshooting Windows Network Browse Functions (draft )…
lbyard Nov-28-00 05:03 PM
Troubleshooting Windows Network browse functions (draft )…

The network hardware has to be functioning.

A computer has to logged-on to network.

Be sure the computers have the same workgroup name and unique computer names. They should be all caps and not have “funny” characters and spaces (they can have spaces and do not need to be all upper case, but that just adds unnecessary complexity and increases the probability of human error). Dashes are OK. Do not leave spaces at the end of names or control characters, etc. within them

Try deleting and reentering the workgroup and computer names on affected computers, rebooting between steps. Wait 15 minutes.

Try manual browsing…

Win 9x… Click Start, Find, Computer, and enter the name of the other computer.

Win Me… Start, Search, For Files and Folders, in Search for other items at the bottom click Computers and enter the Computer name.

Verify that the Microsoft Client for Microsoft Networks is installed by right-clicking the Network Neighborhood (win 9x)/Network Places (Win Me) and selecting Properties.

Verify that both computers have a common NetBIOS protocol installed. NetBIOS protocols are: TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX. Any of one of them should work if the same one is properly installed on all of the computers.

Verify that a master browser server is installed by opening a DOS window and typing
C:\>net view /workgroup:workgroupname

If you do not see an available server and a list of computer names from the browse server, wait 15 minutes and try again. It may take that long for a Browse Master to refresh the list and discard computer names that are not logged on, connected, or are off.

Disable the browse master function on computers that are frequently off or disconnected from the network… right-click network neighborhood/places, Properties, Configuration tab, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks, Properties, Browse Master, select Disabled in the Value box. At least one computer in the workgroup must be a Browse Master. Automatic is the normal setting.

If the TCP/IP protocol is used, the following IP addresses are invalid:, 127.x.x.x,,,,
The subnet mask for most small TCP/IP networks is and must be set on all of the computers.
The client for Novell Network is not usually required if there is no Novell server on the network. The Client for Microsoft Networks is still required.
Uninstall and reinstall all network components.

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