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net send
robert03 Nov-23-00 08:00 PM
i have a server in one domain 8 computers on another domain but on the same hub and an office computer in a workgroup on the same hub, when i net send form one of the 8 wks to the server on the other domain it gets sent , but if i try to send to the office computer i get an error.
can anyone tell me why.

1. RE: net send
lbyard Nov-23-00 08:21 PM
In response to message 0
Your computers are running Windows... NT? Larry

2. RE: net send
robert03 Nov-25-00 02:22 AM
In response to message 1
yeah all the computer's are running NT>

3. RE: net send
lbyard Nov-27-00 04:54 PM
In response to message 2
See if this applies: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q233/2/49.ASP. Larry

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