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NIC MAC Address
jake9190 Nov-14-00 05:05 AM
I recently bought a cheap networkeverywhere lan adapter (has a linksys logo on the front of the box i picked it up at officemax for $10.00) and I cannot get it to work on a network. The mac address for the card shows up as FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF. Now I didn't know this as being normal, should I just return the card?

1. RE: NIC MAC Address
lbyard Nov-14-00 11:18 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Nov-14-00 AT 11:22 AM (GMT)

Take it back and get another one. I (and one of the Forum readers) have seen several Linksys, etc. boards with this problem and they were bad. I am not saying that Linksys makes bad Ethernet adpaters in general. They make a lot of these boards and a few of them, like all other computer products, will be defective or will be damaged by static electricity from improper handling, etc. I have a Linksys board in my computer and it has been working fine for a long time. Larry

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