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Cabling network at home
Ginner Nov-10-00 07:08 PM
I have wired and dropped seperate Cat 5 lines from my bedrooms to the basement where my network HUB will be - the cable ends currently have no RJ45 plugs nor are they connected to a wall jack.

Can you confirm what follows is correct?

I plan to follow the 568A pin configuration.

Using 1 Cat 5 cable as an extension:

I will connect a RJ45 plug to the cable end near the hub using the 568A pin configuration.

The cable end in the bedroom will be connected to a wall jack following the same pin configuation.

NO CROSS-OVER at all !

Pre-made patch cords will be utilized to connect the individual PCs and server to the hub.

Is it this simple... to have the network cabline completed?

Thank you

1. RE: Cabling network at home
lbyard Nov-12-00 09:59 PM
In response to message 0
Yes, if you do it correctly. Larry

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