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Remote Login
tubber45 Nov-09-00 08:06 PM
There is another topic already posted "connecting to lan from home" which is what I want to do.

I'm using win98 with DSL at home and nt4.0 at work . How can I connect to the server at work when the login box comes up at home and I don't have an internet connection yet. Is there some software to download which is what the ISP said or something else??

I will try VPN and PPTP. Also will e-mail waddyc for instructions for command line application. These suggestiions came from the other posting!!!

Thanks For Helping!

1. RE: Remote Login
BBATES Nov-17-00 07:56 PM
In response to message 0
Remeber to remote connect to a server through ras server you must have the same kind of connection. If you have dsl at home, you need dsl on the server to connect because you will dial directly into the server. I am not that knowledgable of dsl so I don't know if it is dial-up or not. If it is not dial up I don't know how to connect via ras because you need to setup a dialup connection. As for VPN you'll want to open your browser and then run the vpn connection. Like I said, I don't know much about dsl but I hope I could help.

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